Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tool #6

Using Web Tool To Promote Discussion In and Out of the Classroom

I use Edmodo in  the classroom with my math and science groups and have found this very beneficial to use. To me, it is user friendly, and easier than blogging. I can post links to different sites, videos, and even do polling with it. Here is the link to my page. Edmodo for Mrs. Davis

Edmodo is what I plan on continuing to use to promote discussion in/out of the classroom. It's easy for the students to learn and it keeps all of the discussions in one place.

Tool #5

Bookr can be used in the classroom for students to create books on information they have learned and can be used as a presentation. 4th Grade Storybirds! by davis4thgrade on Storybird Storybird can also be beneficial in my 4th grade class. The students can create stories to go along with different units they learn.

Tool #4

I am loving Google Docs! I used it on my personal account all the time. I love the sharing aspect of it. It is so nice that I can collaborate with my math/science partners and create different quizzes, notes, tests, and documents for these subjects. I think this will prove to be a great tool in collaboration!

Tool #3

1. Dropbox will be a fantastic resource to use throughout the school year! This will help my students when they are working on a project together, and will help me keep different pictures I have saved on my H drive all in the same place!
2. You Tube. I frequently use you tube to search different topics in math and science.I always find fun songs in science for the kids on you tube. Here is a song we frequently listened to and sang this year.
 3. School Tube- School Tube is a neat place to share class videos and put them on our school page on School Tube.

4. Teacher Tube- Teacher Tube was unavailable at the time of this post. I plan on revisiting it in the future because it seems to have a lot of great educational videos and resources for 4th grade.

5. Discovery Education- This is a site I use ALL the time. I love the videos they have on Discovery Education. I like how they are also categorized by grade level. Here is just an example of 1 that I used last year.
Magnetism and Electricity

**COPYRIGHT BLOG- Harry Potter Can Fly. Homegrown, Public Domain, Creative Commons, and Fair Use.  WOW! This was great information that I definitely didn't know all about. It's good to educate the students on these as well.

Tool #2

Tool #2
I visited several different 4th grade blogs for different teachers and educational sites. I find using these is beneficial because they often have links and activities for the same curriculum I am covering. It's great to share ideas with others. I don't usually comment on a blog unless I have a question that needs to be answered. I enjoy reading comments, and often find if I have a question regarding the blog post, my answer can be found in the comments 9 times out of 10.