Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tool #3

1. Dropbox will be a fantastic resource to use throughout the school year! This will help my students when they are working on a project together, and will help me keep different pictures I have saved on my H drive all in the same place!
2. You Tube. I frequently use you tube to search different topics in math and science.I always find fun songs in science for the kids on you tube. Here is a song we frequently listened to and sang this year.
 3. School Tube- School Tube is a neat place to share class videos and put them on our school page on School Tube.

4. Teacher Tube- Teacher Tube was unavailable at the time of this post. I plan on revisiting it in the future because it seems to have a lot of great educational videos and resources for 4th grade.

5. Discovery Education- This is a site I use ALL the time. I love the videos they have on Discovery Education. I like how they are also categorized by grade level. Here is just an example of 1 that I used last year.
Magnetism and Electricity

**COPYRIGHT BLOG- Harry Potter Can Fly. Homegrown, Public Domain, Creative Commons, and Fair Use.  WOW! This was great information that I definitely didn't know all about. It's good to educate the students on these as well.

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