Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tool #11 Self Assessing and Reflecting

1. What are your favorite tools you now have in your personal technology toolbox? My favorite tool is Edmodo. I have become familiar with it, and the kids love it too. I plan on using several of the other tools I learned about, and can't wait to use them in the classroom. I will show my students these different sites and options, and let them explore and become familiar with them.

2. How have you transformed your thinking about the learning that will take place in your classroom? I have not transformed my thinking, but I have definitely learned about more options available for me out there on the world wide web. How has your vision for your classroom changed? My vision for my classroom has changed because I will have more technology available to my students, and that is exciting. Are you going to need to make any changes to your classroom to accommodate the 21st Century learner? No.

3. Were there any unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? No, there were not. 

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